Validating genuine windows

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May be the WGA validation on whether Windows is genuine or not needs a trigger in order to execute.

Whatever, those pirates will need to skip the update or else be prepared to keep searching for new crack for Windows Vista WGA again.

The real point of the program is to make you pay for Windows if you want to get all the things you need, like security updates.

In the new phase, when you want to download some Microsoft updates you will need to run an Active X control that confirms that your copy of Windows is activated and legal.

Surely, it was argued, the onerous burden of performing the activation procedure and its certain failures to operate properly would finally inspire people to move from Windows. The program has been voluntary for some time, but will be made mandatory in the second half of the year.

Microsoft's descriptions of this initiative focus on the good things that will come from participating in the program.

Most likely Windows Vista activated this way will also be subjected to WGA genuine Windows validation test and will get its permanently activated status removed once failed the validation.

It’s a little bit weird on why Microsoft needs to release an update for Windows Genuine Advantage validation to work, as WGA should have built into Windows Vista as part of the Software Protection Platform (SPP).

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Many, however, are just marketing goo about having the richest and most reliable experience.

Note: The new WGA for Vista distributed via Windows Update is Windows Vista Validation Update (KB929391), classified as critical update with download size of about 103 KB.

The description is this update provides the latest information to the Windows Vista validation components.

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