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The Email Account Validation Tool will attempt to discover on it's own if the target domain has any mail delivery abilities based on industry standard protocols and port numbers.Once the Email Account Validation Tool completes this discovery the results will be displayed in a tabbed format grouping the various protocols together.Do you need to validate or verify an email address?Our free email address validator will help you do that in seconds.

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as an intentional security measure and the subscriber is required to enter their passwords again for all email addresses associated with the Black Berry Internet Service account.To verify the validity of an email address simply enter the email address into the box provided and our "validate email address" tool does the rest.How We Validate Email Addresses Our email validator simply connects to the mail server to ascertain the validity of the email address, verifying whether the email address and username is properly formatted and actually exists.For what it's worth, I had to do it for my yahoo email Saturday morning. Same thing as your case, email from BIS, and BIS said password was not correct when I tried to validate. Afterward I validated my Yahoo email in BIS with the new password. Not done any editing of any sort to my accounts since I set them up on my blackberry.Unfortunately, the university have been making a lot of changes recently so I've emailed their helpdesk to sort that out. At least as far as that email and the directions in it. BIS may have repeatedly encountered errors with your university email inbox and timed out. Sort out your university email login and then go back and validate the email in BIS.

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