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Not very many but PS3 is still supported.2018 will be the end for PS3. I think gaming support will probably end some time next year but.......PS3 may limp to 90 million sold, on-line support could hang on until 2020. I think support for services will continue to happen.The online store component is where Coolyfett's curiosity remains. Meaning say someone has a rarely used PS4 in say 2030. Will it still be able to connect to the store via gamers PSN accounts? Thanks for adding some meat to the conversation Mega Video Gamer.Would it ever get to a point where our PSN account is not accessible on a Play Station? In your personal opinion would you go as far to say that as long as gamers have an internet connection the PS3 is still alive?It's not like the days of Gen 3 4 and 5 when your console connected to just your TV and power outlet. Meaning don't abandon the console/software out right when so many people still use it.Now our consoles are connected and always updating. But since the ps3's are connected to the internet Sony will be able to see how many ps3's are online and purchasing content. If Sony sees in a few years out of 85 million ps3's sold only 15 million are online buying games/content they will probably stop updating the store and apps soon after.

There's over 85 million ps3's out there, it would be silly not to try and make money off them anymore when the ps3 is more than capable of running service apps that Sony can make money off of.If people are still playing the PS3 after 2018 will SIE continue support or eventually force everyone to PS4.Some predict Gen 8 will be the last of home consoles. PS Now is now on PC, mobile PS games are coming in time. Can you imagine the PS4 being someone first ever console? To many gamers Gen 8 consoles are their first home console.Very curious how many active players are still on the PS3. It's not really about the money, more so about maximizing the full potential of the PS3.Many gamers resent when gamers continue to play older systems because they think it holds technology back.

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