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Seventeen percent of couples who were surveyed and who married in 2012 met online, and 20 percent of couples who were surveyed were in current committed relationships that began online, according to Statistic Brain.

Furthermore, no independent data indicate that online dating is any more dangerous than is offline dating; i.e., meeting someone at a bar or a party.

Dating has always been a horror for the terminally anxious, but then someone added the internet to the equation and things turned into the kind of horror that turns up in your kitchen at 4am with a meat cleaver and a menacing grin. I was somewhere between drowning in tiramisu and talking to my inner spirit guide (some description of cat) about where it all went wrong, when I decided to give in and put my "love life" in the hands of the internet.

tried to convince me that the internet was meant for other people, people with life skills and good judgement.

However, these degrees are becoming more valuable each day.Law-enforcement officials tell us that it’s impossible to estimate the percentage of sexual assaults that’s linked to online dating, but they tell us that Markin’s experience wasn’t an anomaly.Unfortunately, most victims don’t file a police report, and no database tracks the number of sexual assaults that are linked to online dating.That’s troublesome when you consider how many consumers place their trust in these services to build a relationship, find a date or just meet a new friend.Online dating services were a .1 billion industry in 2012 with at least 1,500 websites in the United States, according to Market

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