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The big takeaway from all this is that authorities expect people to self-police when it comes to being naked.Feel free to be nude in more secluded public places, but be prepared to handle any conflicts with clothed folks by yourself. Additionally, most state parks and federal lands operate under rules of their own.So while the state law technically applies everywhere, it really only applies in places that don't have other, more strict policies in place.You can argue Oregon's lenient law all you want, but just know that you might have to take that argument to court.There aren't many cities that have public nudity laws on the books (because, quite frankly, there are very few non-sexual public nudity incidents to spawn them), but to date there are four that have enacted stricter bans: Portland, Eugene, Ashland and Happy Valley.All local municipalities have the right to make their own laws regarding nudity, and those laws outrank the statewide policy.

The other three tribes did not respond to requests for their nudity laws, but a representative from the regional office of the Bureau of Indian Affairs said law enforcement officers sometimes respond to incidents of public nudity.One said he pointed a gun and said he would shoot her if she ever told.Convicted of rape, kidnapping and other crimes, Magaña was sentenced in 2004 to a prison term of 94 years.You can read all the details below (which tell you in which forests to hike nude and in which cities to stay clothed), but the bottom line is this: If you're in a secluded place, and there's nobody around who minds, you'll find little resistance to your being naked in the open.Be safe, be responsible and be respectful to people who might be offended.

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