Sandra oh is dating who was gia allemand dating

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You know you've made it when excerpts from your divorce papers turn up on It can knock me off from being my authentic self."So who is the authentic Oh?

Like Cristina Yang, she's had her overachieving moments: She was on the honor roll in high school and a member of the student council. (She is reportedly dating Andrew Featherston, a percussionist in the indie band The Hereafter.)So, while she doesn't quite open a vein about her marriage, she's an exceedingly good sport about everything else.

The day before visiting the set, I meet Oh in a fragrant, dimly lit Indian restaurant. She is wearing a medley of tanks and T-shirts, plus one of those wrap sweaters with sleeves that extend past the wrist.

To sit down in her Prius, I pretty much had to excavate the front seat. She never watches She is a believer in therapy, both cognitive and pharmacological, and she likes to talk — though unlike most actors she also enjoys listening, and is naturally empathetic and trusting. "When your life changes and you become a more public person, in some ways you need to be a more closed person, you know? Neither she nor Payne has talked about their divorce. Her Road to Success Oh grew up in Ottawa, Canada, part of a tiny community of Korean immigrants.There are photos of the pair throughout 2008, but in the past four years, we haven’t heard one peep from Sandra about that relationship.Judging on these two beaus however, it seems pretty obvious that Sandra has a type: creative geeks!2007 - Present Sandra Oh and Andrew Featherstone have what seems like a fairly steady relationship.Featherstone is a musician who plays the in the indie band The Hereafter.

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