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In the same way, even if not to the same extent, something like "Requiem for a Dream" uses the drug background to rip your soul apart, "Suburra" uses its story to explore themes that will not leave a smile on your face, even more so if you're Italian.To this I might add that I felt the movie to be slightly too heavy hitting at times.It really is pessimistic, or at least that is what I caught from it.It is engaging to be offered such an interesting and passionate point of view though such a well crafted film, but honestly sometimes it was a little too much.PLOT: Jordan Turner ( Halle Berry ) is a veteran 911 dispatch operator, reeling from an incident where she was unable to save a girl from the clutches of a serial killer.Six months later, Jordan gets a call from Casey ( Abigail Breslin ) whose been abducted by the same killer.This film's review can be summed up in one phrase in my opinion: it takes you by the throat from frame one and never lets go until the end, gripping it slightly too hard sometimes.

He adds really a lot of subtext and makes the first hour a riveting and almost scary experience, because of what is being implied.

Truly dark stuff is what makes you feel dirty or dead inside, it is what makes you twitch, it is what makes you doubt your beliefs.

Now that can often go hand in hand with violence etc., and it does here, but lets not forget why it works in the first place, which is because it goes deep into exploring human nature and behavior and what goes behind it.

To carry out this feat without precedent he puts together a ruthless and highly organized gang. See full summary » In 2011, Ostia is the subject of a giant real estate project intended to make the harbor of Ancient Rome the Las Vegas of today.

But the place soon becomes a battlefield where criminals and politicians either join forces cynically or fight each other ruthlessly.

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