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Some significant findings include: The partnership with Pepperdine University offered the opportunity for Barna researchers to have access to scholars such as Elizabeth Krumrei Mancuso, associate professor of psychology, who developed the Comprehensive Intellectual Humility Scale.Pastors ranked high in respect for others' viewpoints, with more than nine out of 10 agreeing that they welcome different ways of thinking about important topics (92 percent) and that they are willing to hear others out, even if they disagree (99 percent).Captain America Pilot has some really nice detailing with his goggles and flight jacket.Super-Adaptoid has a plain headpiece under his helmet as he is an android mimic.Still, a troubling number of pastors are at risk of burnout (one in three), and nearly half face relational risks in their marriages, families and friendships."Pastors play a vital role in the health and well-being of society," says Barna president David Kinnaman.

Movie franchise-based LEGO sets with three unique minifigures don't often come around for less than £20 and this was a welcome exception.I would have preferred a different colour for the tan pieces that fire the shield pieces from the wings so they blended in better with the jet's colour scheme but that's a minor detail.One neat little detail is that there is a piece that allows you to clip Captain America's shield in the cockpit behind him as he pilots the jet.When I saw a unique Captain America, and a brand new Ms. But the price point at .00 for 160 pieces was a little steep, especially compared to the Detroit Steel set that was also just released with triple the pieces for only .00.So, instead of choosing based on value, I chose the set that my son would be able to get more enjoyment out of: Captain America Jet Pursuit.

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