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Later I ran a group developing solid modeling CAD systems and in spite of my best endeavors was elected to be European Chairman of the CAM-I Geometric Modeling Project, CAM-I being an international consortium of major industrial companies supporting relevant R&D projects.After the war my family moved to Kenilworth (which was on the losing side in the Civil War) and went to school in Warwick (which was on the winning side); one has a magnificent castle while the other has child-friendly castle ruins.The school claimed to be the third oldest in England with a purported founding date of 914AD.I held the position for 4 years, serving the maximum of two 2-year terms.While at RPI I was part of the founding team of a small company called “STEPtools” started by Prof. The business plan was to commercialise results coming from the STEP endeavour and provide EXPRESS-based tools to support the ongoing development of the standard.

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