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Most difficult part about living inside the Big Brother house: Eating the slop because I'm used to my roommate’s cooking.Strategy for winning “Big Brother:” Make friends with people in the house while maintaining my competitive nature...oh, and have fun! He is an accomplished musician, loving husband, great father and would do anything for me or my sister.For the sake of my sanity, and because I truly feel there is nothing I could have done different to affect the final outcome, I have been able to watch this season and enjoy it without any feelings of regret.With that being said, I didn’t win Big Brother 14 by a 7-0 vote, so clearly I made some mistakes. I pride myself on keeping blindsides secret while playing the game and all it took was a little smoothie action to distract me.At the time I was trying to have my team downplay anything to do with game-talk.

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All you have to do is send me the book with a self addressed stamped return package to this address.

Sometimes slip-ups matter big time in this game, lucky for me, it didn’t really cost me anything except a day of paranoia.

Advising Kara not to talk to Willie before nominations was one of the biggest mistakes I made in the game.

There will be a few more blog posts (I can’t promise they will be serious ones) about Big Brother 14 leading up to the launch.

Like in most things that I do, I never take anything too seriously, these mistakes included.

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