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Information on Internet services in Spain, for expatriates living in Spain.Free Internet via dialup, ADSL and Cable modem services through various providers like Telefonica, Auna, ONO, and Wanadoo.Sometimes the craziness of Spanish beaurocracy pays off…Cable Internet service is a good alternative to ADSL internet , but not all areas are covered. Sample fees for Auna: 35€/month, plus 120€ installation, if there are no special offers.

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Where ever you are, try taking your wireless enabled laptop to your local cafe or bar and scan; you might be surprised at how common and easy it is to connect.

The rates depend on whether you include peak time or not (peak time in Spain is M-F 8AM - 6PM).

The rates don’t seem to vary much from company to company.

This is for 24hr/day internet access, plus you can receive phone calls while connected to the Internet on the ADSL modem.

This has gotten cheaper now that the companies no longer send a technician to your house; they send you the package and you install it, including the ADSL modem and networking cables.

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