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I told them i have been married 35 years and didn't think so. They very quickly said they would cancel the membership and credit my account.

- I can not believe that this happened - talk about not even courageous crooks - Like I would not notice - funny too, we were not even home of the day of the charge - no SH** I was going to notice!After multiple requests and placing me on hold for over 10 minutes, the rep did finally transfer to a rep named Melissa, who stated she was a manager.Melissa stated that she was aware the the rep Britanny hung on me and that she, infact was listening in on the phone call and approved of the way it was handled.If this gets read by them, FUI just now noticed that i've been getting the same charge of .95 a month for the past few months from a website that i've never heard of. But i do know that i never authorized such a charge... I too just read my bank statement and seen a charge for this website on it.I called the phone number included with it and was told it could be cleared up if I gave them the last 8 digits of my card number.

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