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PS: Even if Maura is dating Goran, this person has not right to spread this gossip/lies/ wishful thinking from MAINE!Please, dont be fooled by this retard, which seems to have no self-respect according to their chat sessions. I must admit that I never believed the lies from day one.If you look in the pics section of the myspace, they are all pics that that have been circulating for ages around the web, and there is no way that the picture up there ^^^^^^^^ is really her. first of all that person doesnt even remotely look like Maura.

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I find it very disturbing that anyone would go to such lengths to pretend to me someone they're not creating so many lies along the way. I'm not one to judge, people can change there minds but this is kinda wierd.

If you join our community, you'll be able to access member-only sections, and use many member-only features such as customizing your profile, sending personal messages, and voting in polls. This account has been created to protect my identity against a person who claims to be Maura Tierney, from ER and News Radio fame.

This means you are limited to certain areas of the board and there are some features you can't use.

However s/he stated that s/he'd shooting ER for the last two days and had gone out with Goran Visnjic This person also said that "Maura Tierney" was in Maine with her "goddaughter" with Goran Visnjic and has been celebrating Easter there.

I am so certain that this person is an imposter from the fact that: A.

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