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I know that often, we romantic asexuals do end up foraying into the (potentially scary) world of online dating, so I thought I might help those who are considering it by putting up some reviews of the dating sites I’ve tried. This is where I met my “wife,” so obviously, I’ve had some success with it.

To some extent, I realize I was extremely lucky, but at the same time, this site ranks up there with the best dating sites of all time.

With time, it will probably grow more and more asexual-friendly, too.

On a dating site, a generic message is the kiss of death. ” and what I hear is “Please feel free to delete this message.

This means that you can create your own quizzes and match questions, so there is an inbuilt flexibility to the system that can allow for anything the creators (and the rest of the user database) overlooked.

This is good news for little-known sexual orientations and anyone who practices alternative relationship styles.

And because the site is so well-known, we can get some free awareness-spreading done just by trying to score ourselves a date. OVERALL RATING: 9/10 If you’re ONLY looking to date a fellow asexual, you may not like OKC.

In order to allow people to find your profile, you have to indicate whether you’re interested in men, women, or both.

So in order to get the system to work, you have to be willing to “lie” a little.

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