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Michelle Falling on Stage You just knew this one was going to make the list right?! Being that Michelle was the last member added to Destiny’s Child after several transitions, fans always felt like she might have been the third wheel.Well, her falling on the 106 & Park stage didn’t do anything to help the “red-headed step child” theory.At 14, Chante moved to Toronto, which she cites as the city that raised her.Chante was valedictorian and graduated with honors.In 2002, at the age of 14, Sony Music Canada signed Chante to a long term record contract to release her music in Canada.In early 2003, she released "Shook (The Answer)" which won an Urban Music Award for "Best Pop/R&B Single".Check out the banishment announcement Terrence J delivered in the video below. But I don’t think I’m alone when I say that Left Eye was cut from a very different cloth.

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Check out the very strange interview with AJ and Free in the video below.Beyonce gets irritated We’ve known for some time now that Beyoncé does not get down with answering personal questions.(Read: questions about her husband Jay-Z and their relationship.) So Rocsi got shut down with a quickness when she tried to get something of an exclusive from King Bey as she was promoting her album Jay Z and Cam’ron Let’s take a quick poll: In the world of Hip Hop, who’s more popular Jay-Z or Cam’ron? But just because Jay-Z has been the man for decades now, doesn’t mean Killa Cam is dog meat. and Free literally spend 4 minutes, if not more, talking to Jay while Cam’ron sits, almost shaded from view, in almost absolute silence. Rocsi asks Victor Cruz about his [dead] father Rocsi was known for her snafus.Lil Webbie Banned From 106 &Park This is less awkward and more unfortunate than anything else.While Webbie was on the show judging a Freestyle Friday battle, he apparently made some inappropriate comments to Rocsi. I didn’t watch this particular episode and can’t find it online; but allegedly, Webbie whispered something in her ear. It really shows that they’re invested in making sure their talent is not disrespected.

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