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However, the next stage of your journey can only be reached once the stage beneath has been reached.It’s a journey that allows you to pass through every stage of The Global Seducer’s Hierarchy until you are eventually able to attract, seduce and keep the foreign woman of your dreams.Although you have lost vision it does not mean that your love life is over and that you should stop socializing. There are ways to get out and engage with others to meet that special someone or just have a good time on a casual date. Harley: Valentine's Day is the day before Singles Awareness Day? And in case you can’t deal with the fact that I am 100% honest, you can leave this site right now.If you, however, are ready for the unfiltered truth in a sea of fakers and pretenders (yes, I am talking about the seduction community), you are ready for the painful truth: The West is a Dating Wasteland This sick (yes, sick!And no, I don’t say this because I’m an embittered misogynist. I found fulfillment with global dating and I know that you can achieve the same.I believe with all my heart that global dating is the key to happiness, but that doesn’t mean that you can attract the woman of your dreams without the right beliefs, skills and knowledge. And anyone who hasn’t climbed The Global Seducer’s Hierarchy doesn’t know how amazing it feels to wake up next to a foreign beauty who is so gorgeous that you can’t put it into words: All stages of The Global Seducer’s Hierarchy are interlinked in a symbiotic way.

You can find more ideas in my post on "Tips for Dating When You are New to Vision Loss" and in a dating podcast in which I was interviewed: “The Blind Living Podcast on Blind Dating hosted by the Industries for the Blind- Milwaukee. ) development has already pushed my generation and many members of previous generations into a life where happiness, sex, romance and fulfilling relationships do NOT exist. I am talking about leaving the West and its women behind for a paradise with young, beautiful, feminine and loyal women who want nothing more than a man like you.The dating dynamics in the Western hemisphere are, honestly speaking, completely fucked up. Oh, and I have learned from some of the top dating coaches in the world and I can confidently say that I am pretty good with women. I am talking about trading anger, resentment and frustration for sexual fulfillment, emotional fulfillment and loving relationships. And no, the ridiculous prejudices that the mainstream media spreads about global dating and foreign women are not true.And while taking on all of this, romance may or may not be top on your list. Harley: And making it work, that's just like marriage, you know. Or thoughts of having a happy and healthy love life might be the farthest thing from your mind.

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