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An office romance can make your Monday mornings a lot more enjoyable.But is making your work life more exciting worth the risk?How are you supposed to go to work every day, be productive and have great results while you’re busy hating on your ex? You Might Have Legal Issues If your workplace romance ends up going horribly wrong - which is very possible - there is the possibility that a lawsuit might ensue.It usually happens when a superior is dating a subordinate(one of you is a manager, and the other is an assistant).Now that you know all the positives, you need to know how to be successful and handle your office romance in a professional way. No PDA (Public Display of Affection) No hand holding, no hugging, no caressing, none! Don’t Close the Door If You Are Alone Together You don’t need anyone gossiping or speculating on whether you are actually working or doing something completely different.Even though these actions might seem harmless to you, thy will make your coworkers feel uncomfortable and weird. Leave the door open and keep a distance in between you. Don’t Sit Together Everyone at work already sees you as a couple. Keep Personal Issues Out of the Office If there’s tension between you, or you’re having a fight, it is vital that you leave all your personal issues at the door and come to work looking fresh and professional. You Will Lose Focus If you are spending most of your time sending heart emojis using the office messenger instead of working, then you know that your romance has gotten the best of you.But we spend dozens of hours each week at our workplaces -- more time than we have to spend on many recreational activities.

Not only will you give your co-workers the wrong impression of you, but you could offend others and be on the wrong end of a sexual harassment claim!

When you're exploring a new relationship, the last thing you want to do is ponder how it might end, though that's exactly why we're often advised to keep our work life and personal life separate.

If you break up, you'll have to see your ex every day.

These are the people you see every day, and chances are you have a lot in common; when you spend most of your time with someone, you often get to know them in quite an intimate way and create the type of chemistry that is hard to ignore. When you date a colleague, they understand the pressures of your job and “get you”.

Dating someone who understands your demands and how work affects your time, is critical for a strong relationship.

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