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The films, titled Inner Depravity I and II, feature Couture in the role of a serial killer who hacks off limbs and performs sex acts on his victims.Couture says the films are meant to depict the life of a serial killer, assisted by a 10-year-old boy, whose tendencies lead him to also have sex with his dead female victims.But there was no victim in the of the works were staged with willing actresses and a combination of fake blood, latex and silicone to create lifelike, horrific images.

The US State Department has resumed non-lethal aid to the more moderate rebel groups in Syria.

“When I saw Bashar’s forces killing, beating and torturing Syrian citizens I was standing with the FSA,” he said.

“But when I saw that a lot of the Free Syrian Army doing the same I changed my position again.

Along with food, medical supplies and communications equipment, the aid includes 43 Toyota pickup trucks.

The BBC's Afghanistan correspondent David Loyn explains the value of pick-up trucks in war zones.

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