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I would rather do what works for me, and hopefully have people come with me on that journey, than worry about anything like that.Because as long as you stick to your guns and do what works for you, you're gonna keep the lights on, you're gonna be able to pay your rent.Michaels who is currently on his Roses & Thorns solo tour discovered the heart condition after he suffered a stroke earlier this year.Once upon a time, Poison frontman Bret Michaels was looking for love in the Celebreality world. Between the flying plates and punches being thrown, the drama made Love & Hip Hop Atlanta look like Masterpiece Theatre.Any fans hoping to discover the new Osbourne family will be sorely disappointed by Bret Michaels new reality TV show.The Poison frontman gave his fans an insight into his softer side on Life As I Know It.

Michaels revealed that the two had a ten minute conversation, telling Us Weekly: "We talked about how she was doing. "I've gotten offered a lot of [non-music-related projects] over the years. I wanna say about seven years ago, I got called about being on ' Rock Of Love'.I think Bret had passed on it, on one of the seasons.Having suffered a series of substantial health scares Michaels appears more reflective and mature on the new series. But he added: 'I came to them with this idea, and they were interested.'I said, "Listen, sometimes it's going to be exciting, and sometimes it's going to be me, scooping up dog poop ...that's life."'And I think the authenticity of it is what people are really going to love.

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