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Step 3: Use the Arrow buttons on your remote to scroll up and down the list.

To lock a highlighted content level, press OK / Select on your remote. In addition to hiding the titles of adult-rated programs in the Movies category, parents can also hide the titles of mature audience programs rated TV-MA within television listings.

You also can access the Locks Setup screen by pressing Menu on the remote and selecting the Lock icon.

A four-digit Purchase Personal Identification Number (Purchase PIN) can also be set to restrict unauthorized orders of On Demand programs and Pay-Per-View Events; this PIN is different from your Locks PIN.

Here you can: Step 5: When you are finished, go back to the Main Menu.

Step 6: Select Parental Locks and enter the Locks PIN you just created.

Step 1: Press the button on your remote to bring up the Quick Menu and select the Menu icon. Follow the on-screen instructions to set your Purchase PIN.

Your Purchase PIN must be entered before any On Deman program or Pay-Per-View Event can be purchased.

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